Ready to Fight. Ready to Win.


Branch #7053-B, Area-2


The state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities.


The quality of being fair and impartial “equity of treatment”. A branch of law that developed alongside common law in order to remedy some of it defects in fairness and justice.


The first step is provide education to the issues that we are faced with that stands in the way of our equality and our rights.


The second step is to become engaged with the process and our community and stand up for our rights.


The third step once we are equipped with knowledge and engagement. We will have the fortitude to fight for empowerment of our community.

Bringing the best of what you have to prepare our community for the future.

Join our Cause

Caroline County NAACP strives on your membership, support, and your donations.  Our efforts to fight for the equality of our community, offer educational programs, and  activities that empower like-minded everyday people who simply want a better world to live in today and for our future. Where every voice is heard and every soul is equal. You’re invited to join the NAACP.

Can we count on you?